Pre-Party & After-Party Cleaning

Party Cleaning at your Home

You just threw a great party! All your guests had a fantastic time, but now the party is over and a huge mess the mess that was left behind. …You have reached the lowest point of throwing a fun party in your home, the cleanup, but you don't deal with the aftermath alone, thanks to Clean with Care you don't have to.


There's nothing worse than when you look at the mayhem the morning after a party. If you do decide to choose Clean with Care, what can you expect? For a start, we clear all glasses, cans, plates, garbage, and bottles and take it to recycling. The kitchen is usually the focal point of any party. We wash all dishes, plates and glasses, scrub clean all the work surfaces and wipe down the sink and taps. We deep clean bathrooms and toilets. All surfaces in the bathroom are sanitized, the sink, taps and faucets, mirrors and walls. We scrub toilets and disinfect them. Every room is finishing off by vacuuming carpets and steam cleaning your hard floors

until they shine like new again.


If your deciding to have a party then we can help you prepare for your event with our

pre-party service we work hard to make sure everything is clean making your party a big success as you concentrate on preparing food, drinks and of course yourself.


▪ Kids Parties ▪ 21st Birthdays ▪ Family Celebrations ▪ Christenings ▪ Confirmations

▪ Wedding Anniversaries ▪ Teen Parties ▪ Retirement Parties ▪ School Holiday Events

▪ Girls Night In▪ etc.




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